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Coming Soon: The Dennis Franchione Saga

As you can tell by the lack of updates this weekend, it has been a pretty slow couple of days. I'm sure things will pick up in the next few days, though, and it'll probably be a pretty eventful week.

If you guys remember correctly, last year when the firing of Dennis Franchione seemed almost a given at Texas A&M, I mentioned that I was going to write a series discussing his time at Alabama. And now that Fran is currently collecting severance checks and it is the off-season, that series will be unveiled in the near future.

I wanted to go ahead and give everyone a heads-up on the subject before it came out. At the moment it is looking like a four-part series that will span the time from Stallings' resignation at Alabama to Fran's implosion in College Station. Part one should be up in the next couple of days.