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Rumors of Tide Baseball's Demise Were Apparently Exaggerated

Just a quick heads up, the Tide baseball team took two of three from the 15th ranked Ole Miss Rebels over the weekend just one week after taking two of three from a top ten Vanderbilt team. The full baseball/softball update will be up tomorrow, but just thought y'all might want an update on what is surely the end of times the craziness that is Tide baseball.

Cats and dogs, living together...

Update [2008-3-31 0:6:25 by outsidethesidelines]:

To go a bit further on what Todd said, we surprisingly took two of three from the Rebels. And honestly came this close to getting the sweep today. To put it mildly, it has been very surprising to see this team suddenly come to life.

We started off the conference season with a murderer's row stretch of three series against top ten teams. After being swept by Kentucky, and swept in a mid-week series against UNO, it looked like we might even start 0-9, and anything better than 1-8 would be nice. And then we came to life. After winning series against both Vanderbilt and Ole Miss -- with the two losses in both series coming in 2-1 games -- Alabama is now surprisingly tied for the SEC West lead with a 4-5 conference record.

Things get a lot easier now in terms of the schedule, and it is very much time for us to take advantage of that fact. Next weekend we travel to Baton Rouge to play LSU, which has struggled greatly the past few weeks and is now the sitting tenth overall in the conference. After that we could a pretty average Tennessee team in Knoxville before Mississippi State (dead last in the conference) comes to Tuscaloosa. We essentially went .500 against a ridiculously tough stretch, and now the easier part of the schedule comes. It's time now to just go out, play solid baseball, and just keep winning series.