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Maybe there's something to this "buyer's remorse" thing...

It's painful confession time, folks. I know that I pushed hard for Brittany Snow to be the RBR Kool Aid for this season, and despite some voting irregulatities that bumped off her main competition, I was satisfied that she won and defiantly continued on with her despite many a protestation each and every week. But to be perfectly frank, here, I'm kind of feeling the buyer's remorse as well. She's very pretty, and she seems like a sweet girl, but, to paraphrase one of the comments during the Girl Fight tourney, there are hundreds of girls just as good looking (and better looking, too) walking around the campuses of every SEC school as we speak (type?), so why aren't we going with someone with rare sex appeal like Jessica Biel? Honestly, I don't know. Snow's accessible good looks were what initially drew me to her, but as I continue to try and find pictures every week, they're all just, I don't know, kind of bland and generic and it's getting me a little down. I want to give her the same devotion that I gave the McPhee, but she just isn't doing it for me, and I just don't know if I can keep going with her for the rest of the year. So I've decided to go with what would have likely been the unanimous choice if not for the meddling of some over zealous message board types who's efforts skewed the tourney and caused all sorts of problems, and name Jessica Biel the new '08 Kool Aid. I'm sure you'll all be happy and maybe we can finally have a fairly peaceful Friday Kool Aid. Cavalcade of hottness after the jump.