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It's Not A Waste Of Money If It Has Alabama On It!

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We all know that many fine things come out of the kitchen, but the lesser known truth is that it's also the place where maniacal fanhood generally goes to die. After all, you just plopped down $30,000 on that kitchen remodel that your wife has been wanting forever, and what do you have to show for it? Exactly, a bunch of boring stainless steel Viking stuff, and what's fun about that? Or maybe you're still in school, manning the ol' bachelor pad and you just need something to wow people once they walk in to go grab a beer and a Hot Pocket. Oh sure you've decked out the boring fridge that came with your apartment with a twelve-pack of 'Bama magnets you saw on sale at Target one night for $8.99, and the 2008 cling schedule that you picked up at the Jet-Pep, but really, how far can you take your fanhood with refrigerator magnets? I say we say screw all of that and take fanhood to the next level. We here at RBR would like to introduce you to the Dansby 9.6 Cubic-Foot Alabama Crimson Tide Refrigerator / Freezer:

Now that is what I mean by fanhood. This beautifully crafted, somewhat American made freezer / fridge combo really shows everyone just how diehard you are about the Crimson Tide. And it's a great product to boot. It is spacious with its 9.6 cubic-foot storage area, and also includes two slide-out draws and a vegetable crisper. The manual defrost just means that is one less part you have to worry about tearing up on you, and the unit also comes complete with a single door for both fridge and freezer -- really, who has time to fiddle with two door handles? The product also includes a one-year limited warranty, and has a low energy requirement of only 120 volts. And this dual marvel of kitchen technology and fanhood can be yours for the low price of $549.00!