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Rashad Johnson Accepts Plea Deal

We had a post earlier last week about Rashad Johnson, and it seems what was reported then has been effectively confirmed.

According to the Birmingham News, Johnson has agreed to a plea deal. In return for having the disorderly conduct charges dropped, Johnson agreed to perform 40 hours -- oh my! -- of community service, and issue the follow statement, "I regret that my actions contributed to an arrest on Feb. 23, 2008, and want to make it clear that I support the Tuscaloosa Police Department and their attempts to maintain public safety." Johnson will not have to pay a fine, nor will he be responsible for any court costs stemming from the charge.

In other words, it's a complete slap on the wrist. And further fuel to the fire that powers the school of thought that says this was nothing in the first place but merely a few Tuscaloosa cops overreacting to the situation.