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Housekeeping and a New Poll

Housekeeping first; y'all may notice a certain lack of updates here for the next few weeks. OTS and Nico are both in the midst of finals and my "real life rudely intrudes" issues have been well chronicled over the past few weeks, so unless there's just something big going on, don't expect a lot of posts beyond the totally easy word of the day and random ten variety. Give us a few weeks and we'll be right back at it.

As for the new poll, since the "Bear is DEAD!!!" bullshit continues to pop up 25 years and eight coaches later, I just wanted to see how many of our readers were even alive during Bryant's tenure at Alabama. Personally, I was alive (born in '78) but have no actual recollections of the man coaching at Alabama or his death, making Gene Stallings the gold standard for what an Alabama coach should be to most people my age (and younger).

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times, the shoes Nick Saban has to fill are on this man.