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Disgusting "Alabama" Video in Disguise

The folks over at tipped us off to a YouTube video purporting to be a pro-Alabama montage of the recent top ranked recruiting class. I'm not going to post the video on RBR for reasons that should become readily apparent, but you can go here to view it and see why they (and we) are so disgusted. At about the :27 mark you'll see Alabama recruit Barrett Jones photoshopped into KKK garb with a script A on the hood in front of a rebel flag reading "Alabama Pride/Roll Tide." The rest of the video is an undoctored montage of the other white players Saban signed this season, apparently trying to insinuate that Alabama fans are so excited about this class and the future of Alabama football because of the white players that were signed. Now, if it were simply a video making fun of Alabama football, Alabama fans, or some of the more embarassing losses over the last few seasons, then I'd shrug it off because that's all fair game, but the photoshopping of Jones into a hood and robe is beyond the pale and this video needs to come down now. You can flag it as inappropriate if you are a registered member of YouTube (it's free and takes only a few seconds to do), so I'll join with Bama Nation in encouraging all of you to do so and let's see if they'll do something about it. I flagged it under "Hateful or Abusive Content/Promotes Hatred or Violence" and entered a note expressing my outrage at the inclusion of the KKK photoshop, so hopefully if enough of us do the same they'll be forced to remove the video. Also, for any rival fans that want to start up a bunch of shit in the comments about "that's how u bammers reely feel!!!11", please note that the user who uploaded the video's avatar is a USC helmet.

Update [2008-4-26 22:25:5 by Todd]:

Just looked at the user who posted the video's profile, and he has another (far less offensive) anti-Alabama video as well as one that lists the top ten helmets in college football. Who's in at #1? LSU. So he's probably just another sour grapes LSU fan pissed that Saban built their program into a national powerhouse dared to return to the SEC but not to them. Whoever he is, though, the photoshopping of Barret Jones crosses the line from anti-Alabama/Saban sentiment to reckless slander against a high school kid, and the video has to go.

Update [2008-4-27 0:48:17 by Todd]:

Here's a real recruiting video, complete with Sweet Home Alabama themed rap that has more awesome lines than I can catalog here.

We got freaks with the roundest rears...