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The RBR Random Ten is feeling FAAAABULOOOOUUS!

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Yeah, so there's some recurring themes of man-lovin' in my random ten this week. A disturbing amount, actually:

1. Charlie Rich - I Love My Friend
2. Willie Nelson - My Own Peculiar Way
3. The Rolling Stones - Little Queenie
From the album "Get Your Ya-Yas Out," no less...
4. Aerosmith - The Grind
5. R.E.M. - Nightswimming
6. Sonic Youth - Freezer Burn/I Wanna Be Your Dog
From the album "Confusion is Sex."
7. Magnapop - Satellite
From the album "Mouthfeel"
8. Aerosmith - Come Together
9. Paul Westerberg - Love Untold
Possible Alternate Title: The Love That Dare Not Speak It's Name?
10. Jimmie Rodgers - Pistol Packin' Papa

Update [2008-4-4 9:39:20 by Nico]:
Hopefully Todd won't mind me jumping in on this post, but I don't want to have two music posts on the main page. I'm now introducing "Nico's Pick of the Week." Some of you dug that last song I posted, some of you though it strange. Anyway, I'm going to start putting a tune a week on this post. Here's "Everybody" by Bassnectar, who is playing tonight at Zydeco in Birmingham.

You KNOW I'm going to this show.

Now back to Todd's regularly scheduled post...

So I guess now is as good a time as any to post that picture of Jason Taylor the ladies (and apparently my iPod) have been hankering for:

I don't give a damn what the haters think, weekend Brittany CANNOT get here fast enough.