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Tuesday Mid-Morning Quick Hits

First and foremost, don't forget to donate to the Red Cross so we can rub our rivals' faces in the stench of our generosity to help those devastated by tornadoes across Georgia and Oklahoma (or the victims of the Burmese cyclone). Fanblogs and EDSBS have the info on how you can show those sanctimonious jerk holes up north and our more familiar and historical rivals down south that we hate them so much we're actually willing to help others how to make a donation and register it to count for the Crimson Tide in the EDSBS Charity Bowl.

I'm sure y'all have all seen these by now, but the "after" pics of Rolando McClain following his motorcycle accident? Scary.

Why yes that is our only experienced returning linebacker. Why do you ask?

D.J. Hall is doing his best to overcome the bad rap he got during the NFL Draft, and so far so good:

Hall made several outstanding catches, including one leaping, fully stretched grab along the sidelines in the afternoon. A few times he had to leap to make the catch and not only did, but seemed to hit the ground and keep moving without missing a stride. He was smooth, he had good hands and at 6-2, 195, has decent size. On any other team, I’d say he was a free-agent steal.

Unfortunately for Hall the Giants are pretty well stacked at receiver, so barring a serious infestation of the injury bug or some amazing performances in camp, he has a hard fight ahead of him to get on their roster.