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The Big Announcement

You want THE announcement, you've got it!

I'm at work right now so I can only give you the abbreviated version (since I don't want to be busted slacking at work), but the reason there has been a lower volume of posting around here lately (besides school and work for everyone) is that we've been working on a book about our beloved Crimson Tide that will hit bookstore shelves later this summer, just before the season starts (probably sometime in July or early August.) For those of you not in Alabama, we have been told it will be available nationally at some bookstore chains. Once we get all of that info, you all will be the first to know.

It will be 112 pages of full color Crimson Tide-ness for your reading pleasure.

It still isn't completely finished yet (it's almost there though), so we can't tell you the full list of contributors or all of the details, but I think you all are really going to love it.

We hope eveyone now understands why things have been slower than usual lately.