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Charles Hoke's Shoulder Says "No More!"

Another player is going on medical scholarship, this time senior tackle Charles Hoke. The former tight end moved to tackle over the spring to try and provide some depth, but after two shoulder injuries over the spring, including having it popped out of place the Monday before A-Day, the medical staff advised against his playing the final season. For those of you counting at home that brings the (assumed) scholarship number down to 65 without, as it should be noted, yanking some poor kid that can play but doesn't have five flashy stars attached to his name's scholarship away from him for no good reason.

Update [2008-5-2 13:25:7 by Todd]:

Conquest Chronicles has an in depth post on this type of injury that you should all go read to see exactly why a recurring injury like this would cause a medical staff to caution a player against continued participation in football.

I'm trying to be evil! I really am!