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What is this bays-ball of which you speak?

So apparently there's some crazy new game all the cool kids on campus are playing these days where you're supposed to throw a tiny white ball at the other team and then they try to hit it with a stick and then run around before your team can catch it or something? I don't know about all that noise but Alabama, in an attempt to "get next to the young people," has caught onto the fad and will be fielding a squadron of bays-ball athletes (I think that's how it's spelled, but I could be wrong. I'm basing it solely on the raving gibberish of our Auburn fan UPS driver who's going to watch the feats of athletic prowess this fine evening despite not having an Auburn based squad for which to root present) at the SEC Championship Tournament. If, like me, you are intrigued by this curious development in inter-collegiate athletics, you may find more information about Day One of the tournament here, and you may also keep tabs on the Crimson Tide's efforts against the Kentucky Wildcats, scheduled to commence at 8:00pm CST, by either clicking here for live audio, here for live stats, or by tuning your television set to the "CSS" designated channel.

"By oscillating the tuning mechanism thusly you may select from a wide range of entertainment, from cooking shows and knitting tutorials to foolish sporting endeavors played with a bat!"