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2008 Recruiting Class: More Academics Updates

A new day brings a few more updates on the academic front...

Mark Barron: The five-star signee from Mobile is qualified, and will enroll for the first semester in June. And as if being a five-star football prospect isn't enough -- plus the fact he recently dominated the state track championships and is unanimously expected to start as a true freshman -- Mr. Barron is also quite the smart chap as well. According to his high school coach, Mike Bates, Barron scored a 26 on the ACT. One more tidbit, a direct quote from Bates, "I've been coaching 30 years, and he's the best football player I've ever seen."

Burton Scott: Another five-star signee, Scott has been working out daily with good friend Julio Jones as both are trying to prepare for the upcoming year. Scott has already graduated, he is qualified, and he will enroll at Alabama for the first summer term.

Glenn Harbin: The defensive end prospect is not quite done yet. He still has a final exam to pass, but it's really just a formality. Harbin is a good student who will have no problem qualifying. He plans to report for the first summer term.

Ivan Matchett: Another good student, Matchett has graduated and has qualified. He will enroll at UA for the first summer term.

Destin Hood: For the record, Hood has graduated and will qualify. However, he does not plan to enroll for the first summer term at Alabama. He's going to apparently see where he goes in the MLB Draft, and then make a decision.

Star Jackson: As expected, Star Jackson is going to qualify. Just like with Julio Jones, Jackson was the source of many Barner Internet rumors that said he was not going to qualify, but just as with Jones, those rumors had no validity whatsoever. Jackson has a 2.5 core GPA, and a 20 on the ACT, so he'll pass the NCAA Sliding Scale with flying colors. His high school head coach, Errick Lowe, was quoted as saying, "Academically, he's cleared... He's good to go." Jackson will enroll at UA for the first summer term.

All in all, things continue to look good on the academic front. All of the Mobile signees have qualified academically, and all of them will enroll for the first summer term except Destin Hood. Star Jackson is good to go, and with Alonzo Lawrence graduating this weekend, it looks more and more like he will be fine even with the recent red-flag on his ACT score.

I'll have some more updates as they come along.