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2009 Recruiting: Chance Warmack Commits

The 2009 recruiting class got another addition today with the commitment of Chance Warmack. An offensive guard prospect, Warmack is a massive 6-4, 330 pounder out of Atlanta, Georgia. Considering that most feel D.J. Fluker will play on the offensive line for the Crimson Tide, that gives Alabama four offensive linemen committed at the moment.

Warmack has largely flew under the recruiting radar. Rivals had a fairly limited amount of information on him, and didn't even have a picture; neither have rated him yet. Coach Saban, however, has seen all that he needs to see. Warmack was in Tuscaloosa a few weeks ago to participate in the Nike camp, and he was simply outstanding, showcasing himself to be the best lineman in the camp. Saban made the offer shortly thereafter, and today Warmack committed. He had offers from Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, South Carolina, and Rutgers.

As mentioned earlier, Warmack is from Atlanta, and he is the third commitment we have gotten from the greater Atlanta area this year. This should come as no surprise. Coach Saban has been very open about the fact that he wants to use all of these neutral site games in the Georgia Dome to tap into the talent pool that is in the greater Atlanta area, so all of these commitments are part of a greater strategic plan.

With four offensive linemen already committed, the Tide isn't done just yet. We still have several linemen on our board, and it seems at this point that we will at least take five, and may very well take six. It certainly seems that Saban is on the hunt for a slew of big and athletic linemen, and undoubtedly he is succeeding in that quest.

I'll have an article up later on the recruiting class to date, including several of the commitments that we missed in the lull period.