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The RBR Airing of the Sportsblog Grievances...


1. Blogs that run an "Airing of the Sportsblog Grievances" post with the sole purpose of calling out things they don't like about other blogs. Seriously? Get over it. If you don't like what we do, then don't read us.

2. Woefully out of date criticisms. It's one thing to think that Katharine McPhee isn't attractive or well known enough to be the official "cheesecake" of a blog (we actually refer to them as our official "sweetheart", but that's just arguing semantics), but it's another thing entirely to link two posts from last year to try and illustrate your point that you disapprove of our "cheesecake", as if you should have been consulted during the selection process, when she isn't even the official sweetheart anymore. I'd understand if we only occasionally posted her, but there's a post every friday and, at least as of this writing, last friday's post is still on the main page. Either you just didn't know Brittany Snow is the new face of Roll Bama Roll, which I would find hard to believe since she was featured in a post you yourself linked to and has been all over the blog for months now so you'd have had to scroll past her to get to the McPhee posts, or you don't have any issues with her and still felt the need to bring up stuff from last year in order to get a dig in. Either you're ill informed or just a jerk. Take your pick.

3. Implying that we write creepy, sexist captions with each posting of Snow (or McPhee, since it's still 2007 in Michigan, apparently) without actually linking to an example. That's just flat ludicrous since he singled out both Dawg Sports, the least sexed up sports blog on the internet, and us, where we (well, I) try to avoid posting pictures any less tame than a red carpet pose because I actually agree with him that posting pictures of celebrities in their underwear/bathing suits is stepping into the kind of creepy territory that we're not willing to visit. Our obsession with college football is creepy enough, there's no need for tawdry and gratuitous skin to drag us down further. I'm not saying there aren't some "I'd hit it" like comments in our comments section, but, unless Brian Cook is actually the online nom de plume of Buzz Bissinger, he should know that comments on a blog are entirely different creatures than the actual posts by the authors.

4. Calling out other bloggers for posting regular cheesecake and saying they are creepy, then saying it would be okay if it was Scarlett Johansson and posting a risque picture of her lounging in her underwear on your site.

Is wese okay wit you now, Massah Bryyn? We ain't knows no better than to posts those McPhees cuz wese down heer in the souf! Thanky, thanky, for teechin us the arruhs of our ways!"