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The RBR Mailbag did not know that.

Our good friends over at Eight in the Box sent this e-mail in concerning the roster numbers:

The thing that I didn't see anyone take into account with the current roster is the number of players that will have their undergraduate degree and will be enrolled in graduate school come the fall. If any of those players is receiving aid from the graduate school or any institutional academic assistance then if the amount covers the players cost of attendance then the Athletic department can remove him from his athletic scholarship and that player will not count against the 85 limit. Exempted Institutional Financial Aid. The following institutional financial aid is exempt and is not counted in determining the institution's financial aid limitations: (Revised: 4/29/04 effective 8/1/04)

(a) An honorary award for outstanding academic achievement or an established institutional research grant that meets the criteria set forth in Bylaw 15.02.6 (and must be included in determining if the student-athlete's cost of attendance has been met); and (Revised: 1/10/91, 1/10/92, 10/31/02 effective 8/1/03)

(b) A postgraduate scholarship awarded by an institution in accordance with Bylaw (Adopted: 4/25/02)

Antoine Caldwell, Nikita Stover, and Will Oakley have all received their undergraduate degrees and will be in graduate school this fall. Caldwell should actually be finishing his graduate program this fall since he received his undergraduate degree in only three years. It's plausible these guys will be on an institutional grant in aid program and not an athletic scholarship.

So that's three players on the current roster that can possibly be moved off of athletic scholarship while still remaining with the team. If bloggers can dig up these rules, then you know Saban and his staff can.