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Blog Housekeeping: Shiny and New Edition!

The whole Sports Blog Nation group is getting an upgrade to a new blogging platform and we're up this week. What does that mean? Well, come Thursday night the site will be down for a little while, so don't panic. It just means that things are going to be a little different around here Friday morning. Not crazy different, of course, but there will be quite a few new features that we're all going to have to learn and get used to but that will really make this blog a lot more fun for the authors and readers. Go check out Burnt Ornage Nation for a preview of how things are going to look, and while you are there do one thing; claim your account! The account you use to log in here at RBR or at any other SBN blogs will need to be reclaimed, but the good news is you'll only have to do it once since the accounts are now network wide. That means you can now go and comment away at any other SBN blog without having to sign up for individual accounts on each, but that doesn't mean you can go around being a jerk on rival blogs and start up a flame war or anything because you can be banned on individual blogs just like always. To claim your old account, just go over to BON and "sign up" with the username and password you use here. It's just that easy.

[editor's note, by Nico]

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but there are many great "behind the scenes" things happening here at RBR. This upgrade is one of them and we'll also have another exciting announcement for you all very soon. Seriously, y'all are going to freak when we announce this other thing. I mean, FREAK OUT (in a good way of course.) We'll probably make that announcement in a week, so hold onto your hats. I promise it'll be worth the wait and that you'll understand why production has been so slow around here lately (in addition to finals and work.) I can't believe we've kept this under wraps actually, but we want it to be a big surprise. I just couldn't wait any longer and had to at least tell you all that something really awesome is coming.