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Friday Noonish Quick Hits

Just a couple of quick hits while I have a moment:

Rolando McClain did his best Ben Roethlisberger impression yesterday, laying down his new motocycle and sliding underneath a moving SUV. Thankfully he's unhurt save a few minor scratches:


McClain did not sustain any major injuries, the paper reported, and he was wearing a helmet.

A Decatur General Hospital spokesperson listed him as "fine" and Willingham said, "He was joking around before I left (the hospital). He didn't break anything."

I guess the Strip isn't the only thing we have to be concerned with anymore.

VHT wide receiver commit Destin Hood might not be headed our way after all:


St. Paul's wide receiver Destin Hood will not enroll the first week of June with the majority of Alabama's 2008 signees. In fact, odds are that Hood won't attend UA at all this year.

A standout shortstop, Hood is leaning toward a professional baseball career instead of joining the Crimson Tide.

"If he's drafted right, he's probably going to play baseball," his father Dewayne Hood said earlier tonight.

According to the article, he's listed as a Top 100 prospect, which means big money if he's taken, so it's hard to blame the kid.