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Roll 'Bama Roll Chat

Here at RBR, one of the things we are always doing is trying to come up with ideas for new pieces to add to the blog. And one of the biggest things that we like to see around here is reader interaction, where our readers actively respond to the articles, opinions, polls, etc.

To that end, I would like start a new series here at RBR where we have a chat session every so often. It's simple, just e-mail questions to either me or RBR, and then after several have accumulated we'll do an RBR chat and post all of the questions and answers. For the most part, anything is fair game on the questions. You can ask about former teams, players, questions on current prospects, recruits, other teams, you name it. Just as long as things are are generally about football -- and we can have a few humor questions as well, obviously -- is all that matters. Simply put, just whatever is on your mind.

So, go ahead and get questions in as soon as you can, and we'll get our first RBR chat up and going.

e-mail to rollbamaroll -at- gmail -dot- com