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A Note On 2007 Pythagorean Wins

An interesting note arose when I was running the 2007 Pythagorean Wins calculations a few days back...

LSU led the conference in 2007 with 5.47 Pythagorean Wins. 5.47 is an important number because that marks the first time in the history of the SEC, dating back to the expansion of the conference and the move to an eight-game schedule in 1992, that not a single SEC team managed to post more than 6.00 Pythagorean Wins. In fact, though I will have to double-check to make absolutely certain, I believe this is the first time in the conference's modern format that there wasn't at least two teams that posted 5.50 Pythagorean Wins or more.

When you combine those two harsh facts with the reality that Tennessee had the fewest Pythagorean Wins ever for a team to win their division, and you begin to see that 2007 wasn't just a down year for the conference based upon cyclical standards, but that it was in reality the biggest down year this conference has seen in modern times.