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Praise Jesus: Bill Curry Finds Other Work

You can file this one in the "Proof There Is A God" category...

According to published reports , Bill Curry -- yes, that Bill Curry -- has been hired by Georgia State University to be their first football coach. Georgia State is a school of 27,000 students in Atlanta, and they are looking to field a Division 1-AA football team beginning in 2010. I suppose the news isn't overly surprising, mainly because Curry has considerable contacts to the Atlanta area since he was both a player and coach at Georgia Tech.

This, however, impacts Alabama fans simply because Curry will no longer be on ESPN with his asinine ramblings about Alabama. I swear, for the longest I have believed that ESPN employed his services for no other reason than to cut him on occasionally and let him blather on and on with his "inside" commentary of the Alabama football program. It almost always ended in nothing more than not-so-thinly-veiled criticism of us, all the while attaching credibility to it simply because the blowhard spent all of three years at Alabama some two decades ago. Thankfully, with Curry no longer at ESPN, we won't have to deal with that. I know his replacement won't exactly be the epitome of broadcast excellence -- though, even with an objective assessment, Curry was a poor color guy in his own right --  but he will certainly not be near the blowhard that Curry was.

And for the record, whoever found the address to send Rita Rodriguez all of those flowers and thank you notes last year, find out where we can send a bottle of good hooch to the GSU people as a sign of our gratitude for finally getting Curry out of our hair for good.