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The RBR Weekly Poll: Week Three

Last week's poll wanted to know which incoming freshman you guys are most excited about (while also expecting them to actually play this season), and Julio Jones ran away with the thing at 277 votes out of a total 793. Burton Scott came in second with 108, while Jerrell Harris was a close third at 94. This week, we're still looking ahead to the coming season, and want to know which upset, should it occur, would be the one to cause you the most shameful, jumping up and down and cackling wildly glee. At first blush, I'd want to go with Tulsa over Arkansas because of the whole Gus Malzahn revenge factor, but since Nutt is in Oxford So instead I cast my vote with UAB over South Carolina, since I actually pull for the Blazers and seeing them take down Spurrier (or anyone for that matter) would actually give me great joy.