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Your RBR Thursday Shameless Plug for a Friend...

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...comes courtesy of Friend o' RBR Van, who asked if I would mind helping one of his friends by getting y'all to vote for him in an online short story contest. If you go here, you'll find ten short stories and information on how to vote for which one should win the storySouth Million Writers Award. Now, considering we've had some issues with vote tampering in these parts (cursed McAdamsites), I'm not going to tell you to go vote blindly for "News About Yourself" by Scott Wolven. Instead I will encourage you to read them all and choose which one you like the best, and if that one doesn't happen to be "News About Yourself," then vote for it anyway, because I said so and you will all bow to my terrifying will hope that you enjoy Wolven's work as much as I have and want to vote for him. Further, if you like what you read, head on over to Amazon and order yourself a copy of Controlled Burn, the best collection of short fiction about the desperate, meth addled denizens of the great northwest you'll ever read.

Seriously, whether you go vote or not, this is a great collection well worth your time.