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Nothing like a little...

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...routine wear and tear on standard household appliances to ruin a perfectly good evening.

Earlier this evening, after chatting with OTS for a little while and making some plans for future posts, I headed to the kitchen to fix myself some dinner where I was promptly greeted by an awful squealing noise and the smell of burning rubber coming from my washing machine. After draining it and flooding my kitchen floor while removing the soaking wet clothing, it was apparent that the washing machine was no longer "spinning" or agitating the clothing and the awful squealing sound and accompanying scent meant only one thing: the drive belt was either hung or broken entirely. So I set about disassembling the washer and, sure enough, the belt was just about frayed in half, and it had jumped off track and hung itself inside the motor. Cursing loudly, I was able to cut it free and promptly headed to Lowes to purchase a replacement belt, only to find that a) Lowes does not carry drive belts for washing machines, and b) the guy who works in the washer/dryer department at the Widlwood Lowes is quite rude. When I couldn't find a belt I asked him if they carried any, and he gave me a look as if to say "only those stricken by poverty and alcoholism would attempt to repair their own washing machines!" So no more Lowes for me, but should Brian Cook every need a gig outside of blogging, I know just the place! But don't worry, friends, this tale does have a happy ending. After I left there I despaired over the necessity of waiting until tomorrow to find an actual repair shop that stocked such items, when I realized I could probably find exactly what I needed at Auto Zone. They didn't fail me, and I was once again doing laundry at my own leisure. So yeah, all that is to say not a lot of blogging got done last night but look for some good posts from both OTS and I over the next few days.

We can skin a buck go to Auto Zone, we can run a trot line replace a drive belt...