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Jimmy Johns=Gigantic Idiot

Obviously the big news of the day is the arrest of Jimmy Johns for distribution and possession of cocaine. I just heard on the radio that they bought from him five times in the past week and a half, and that each distribution charge carries a minimum of three years, and that he also had coke on him when he was arrested, adding a possession (and possibly another "intent to distribute") charge. Damn you Johns. Also just got a text message from Friend 'o RBR Van that there is talk on the radios about him naming others on the team to plead down. WTF just happened?


From Rappaport, a few quotes from Jeff Snyder, the commander of the West Alabama Narcotics Squad:

"We received information that he was distributing cocaine from several sources," Snyder told me. "We began an investigation, and we were able to buy from him. We obtained five warrants on him for distribution of cocaine, five different occasions."

"He sold at his resident on two occasions, then on campus two times, then one occasion, he met us at a location, car-to-car, and we bought from him there. We know he's got a source, which we haven't identified."

"He was alone," Snyder said. "No other players were involved. Nobody else on the team."

Let's hope no one else on the team was involved.