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It's Funny How Quickly "Creepy" Can Turn Into "Exciting" When Success is Involved

Before the arrival of Nick Saban, Nico and I both had a very "recruiting is weird and creepy and we just don't want to deal with it" attitude on this blog. That was, of course, when Alabama was busy landing mediocre at best classes. But now that Saban is reeling in top ranked classes and garnering early commitments from superstar QBs and RBs (and OTS is doing all the dirty work of covering it), well, recruiting got a whole lot more interesting. And since adding and editing sidebar content is a whole lot easier with the new blog platform, it's high time we started keeping a running commit list out front to keep tabs on the staff's recruiting efforts, which you may find on the left hand side of the blog underneath the "sections" block. In the future I also want to have a section devoted to top talents that the coaches are pursuing, but after asking OTS where I might find such a list he succinctly (and amusingly) replied, "just go to Rivals and look up every top recruit in the southeast. That's who we're pursuing." So for now I just have a section for those that have already verbaled, but as that list expands and we get a better picture of who the staff is seriously pursuing look for it to get a lot more interesting over there. Also, quick aside, I'm not crazy about the layout of it right now but I'm not sure what else to fiddle with. Profile pictures would be a nice addition, but I'm afraid they would make the list too long (ed. - that's what she said). Any suggestions?