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Ken Stabler Arrested For DUI

If you remember "The Six Beer Challenge " diary from about three months ago, you'll remember that Ken Stabler was singled out as perhaps the hardest drinker to ever wear the crimson and white.

And some things never change. According to published reports , Stabler was arrested for DUI in Robertsdale, Alabama. The arrest occurred at approximately 1:00 AM just off of Highway 59. Here is the mugshot:


None of this is shocking, mind you. As mentioned earlier, Stabler has long been a notorious drinker. Once when asked about his divorces he reasoned, "All I wanna do is drive around in my truck and drink Jack Daniels... and they just don't understand." Again, no shock. It should be pointed out that this is Stabler's third DUI arrest, his first coming in 1995 and his second coming in 2001 when he was working as the Alabama color commentator.

Considering this is his second DUI offense during his time in the booth, and considering the importance given to both the prevention of alcoholic consumption and DUI's on campuses across the country, this could very well get Stabler in some very hot water with the university. Personally I love Stabler as a color commentator because he is not only very honest and blunt about game situations, but his extensive knowledge of the game is usually readily obvious during the games. Both are qualities that you struggle to find in color commentators these days, and I hope this doesn't cost him his job. However, I imagine you will at least see a push in some circles aimed at getting him removed from the booth.