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Melvin Ray Opts For Baseball

In some breaking news from the Mobile Press-Register , Alabama signee Melvin Ray has opted to go the MLB route, and will sign a contract with the Dodgers.

I cannot say this is shocking news by any stretch, and I'm afraid it only further confirms the academic fears that we had with Ray. I have long since felt that was why he was in the draft to begin with, and I still think that's right. I firmly believe that he chose MLB because he could not qualify academically at Alabama.

Either way, you can cross him off the list. With Ray gone, getting down to 25 players will be a breeze, and now we shouldn't even have to put Wesley Neighbors on the Bryant Scholarship (though we possibly can if we want to).

As of right now, given that Destin Hood is widely expected to play pro baseball as well, the only uncertainty left in the class is Devonta Bolton.