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The RBR Friday Random Ten: Now With Less Mutiny!

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The mutinous Nico2.0 is in leg irons over last week's shenanigans, so it's up to me to bring you the iron fisted rule of the RBR Friday Random Ten. Since the iTunes gave me two hits of Diana Krall this week, I finally have an excuse to wonder aloud if she and Ali Larter are the same person?

I mean, I've never seen them together. Have you?

Y'all know how to play, so get cracking, and hopefully your iPod will allow you to consider the eerie similarities between some of your favorite musicians and actresses as well.

1. Interpol - Say Hello to Angels
2. Led Zeppelin - The Ocean
3. GZA - Gold
4. Johnny Cash - Redmption
5. Lucero - Hold Fast
6. Hank Williams - Kaw-liga
7. Diana Krall - Boulevard of Broken Dreams
8. Bruce Springsteen - Wages of Sin
9. Diana Krall - East of the Sun (And West of the Moon)
10. Albert Collins - Lip Service