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Todd is, Among Other Things, Lazy and Forgetful

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And by other things, I think you know what I'm referring to.

So after having plans to start this year's countdown at fifty, I forgot that yesterday was fifty days 'til Clemson, and probably wouldn't have even realized it until Monday if I hadn't seen Vicki's comment about when the countdown would start. D'oh. Anyway, this year I'll be counting down to the start of the season by listing fifty forty-nine games that I am personally looking forward to. They may not all be big games on a national scale, but they are ones that I have a keen interest in, so without further ado, #49 on the countdown is....

Alabama vs
Western Kentucky
September 13, 2008
Bryant-Denny Stadium
Tuscaloosa, AL

Why?: Because it's Alabama. Duh.

Who do I think will win?: Again, Alabama. It's a cupcake, and it's early in the season, so we shouldn't be in full on collapse mode yet.

Who do I hope will win?: Again, Alabama. Maybe I should save the "why" and "hope" portions for the games not involving the Tide...