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#48 - South Carolina vs UAB

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South Carolina vs UAB
September 27, 2008
Williams-Brice Stadium
Columbia, SC

Why?: Purely a personal pick here since I (unfortunately) have developed a fondness for the plucky Blazer football program.

Who do I think will win?: Ellis Johnson, the architect of last year's Mississippi State defense that was directly responsible for their sudden emergence in the SEC, is calling the shots in Columbia these days, and he has ten returning starters from an already solid defense to work with. This game could get ugly fast for the Blazers who are short handed and lacking in talent at just about every position and still feeling their way into Callaway's system.

Who do I hope will win?: The Blazers, obviously. A win on the road against an SEC team (and Spurrier, no less) would do a lot for the program as far as exposure, and it would also be a great opportunity for UAB fans to finally stop talking about the win over LSU.

UPDATE For any of you coonasses that might have wandered over from the message board, the reason I want my fellow UAB fans to stop talking about the LSU win is because it happened EIGHT YEARS AGO, and it would be nice to have a more recent victory to supplant it as the great high mark in the program's short history. It has nothing to do with Alabama or Saban. And speaking of, I'm also aware that Saban was y'all's "savior" first, and y'all are the ones that are stuck with the painful memory of losing to UAB, not us. We've got La.-Monroe for that, and we also have the coach that built your program into the powerhouse it is today, not some dweeby white hatted jackhole that can't seem to manage a season without two losses despite coaching what is essentially an NFL wolf in a college team's clothing.