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#47 - Boston College vs Notre Dame

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Boston College vs
Notre Dame
November 8, 2008
Alumni Stadium
Chestnut Hill, MA

Why?: Fun fact gleaned from the Phil Steele preview: Notre Dame is the only 1A team on BC's schedule that BC hosts that didn't go to a bowl game last year, and the Eagles have won five straight over the Irish. Did you ever think you'd live to hear that? Anyway, I'm not sure why I'm interested in this game, but when I was going over schedules to pick the ones I was really interested in this one really jumped out at me, so here it is.

Who do I think will win?: Notre Dame can only get better, while BC has a tough task ahead in replacing Matt Ryan and most of the defense, so I'll have to go with the Irish on this one.

Who do I hope will win?: I don't particularly care for the Irish but I do have the whole "historical power/good for the game" respect for them that most will grudgingly own up to, and even though I'm one of the many who utterly contemn New England sports fans, I've been very impressed with BC over the last few years and have even rooted for them on a few occasions. So that being said, I probably won't know who I'll want to win until the game actually rolls around and we know what the stakes are for each. Gut feeling, though, is Boston College. There aren't a lot of scenarios in which I can see myself openly rooting for ND.