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Could You Imagine Lining Up Against This...

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...on passing downs?

Things getting crowded at DL

The verbal pledges of Rivals 100 defensive linemen Deebo, Lou Ferrigno (also known as "Hulk"), and Ivan Drago would wrap up defensive line recruiting for most programs. Not Alabama. The coaching staff is still in hot pursuit of 6'5" DE Darth Vader.

The one question mark with Vader is how he will rebound from the horrific injury he sustained in the off-season. Vader, who at one point was leaning heavily towards the Seminoles, saw all three Florida schools back off. But the Alabama staff never let up, even when he was sliced in half by his best friend. Now it's paying dividends.

Vader was impressive enough at camps to win back a lot of good faith, brushing by offensive tackles with little more than the wave of his hand. Needless to say, he has done more than enough to regain his 4-star status.

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