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#46 - Louisville vs Kentucky

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Louisville vs Kentucky
August 31, 2008
Papa John's Cardinal Stadium
Louisville, KY

Why?: As an Alabama fan I can appreciate a heated in state rivalry, but only when it comes to football. So since Kentucky has emerged as a football program on the rise, this one actually becomes a little more interesting. Plus, it's the first of the Sunday games from the first weekend of football (with the Colorado/Colorado State rivalry taking the late slot) so it will be nice to come down off of the massive intake of cfb bliss the previous day with two teams where everyone (including them) will be trying to figure out exactly what they have this year.

Who do I think will win?: I'm going with Kentucky on this one, mostly because Louisville has lost too much talent from last year's underachieving unit and has had so much offseason turmoil that getting bowl eligible will be a feat.

Who do I hope will win?: UK, again, for two reasons. 1) S! E! C! S! E! C! 2) I have a hold over hatred for Louisville from their days in C-USA (which, fittingly for this entry, is almost entirely basketball related). But at the same time I like Steve Kragthorpe a lot and was even pushing for him to come to Alabama because of his offensive approach and the fact I thought he did more with less at Tulsa than anyone else probably could have. Still, Kentucky it is.