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#45 - Florida Atlantic vs Troy

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Florida Atlantic vs Troy October 7th, 2008
Lockhart Stadium
Boca Raton, FL

Why?: Three reasons. 1) Schnellenberger is a Bryant disciple, and therefor we love him (which is why he gets a pass for whipping the holy hell out of our own beloved Tide in the '91 Fiesta Bowl). 2) Last season's game was really one of the most exciting ones that I saw. Troy actually led 9-7 at the half, but the Owls scored 21 unanswered points to take the lead and came up with a last minute defensive stop after Troy staged a furious comeback to secure the conference title and a bowl bid, leaving Troy, who actually ended the season at 8-4 vs FAU's 7-5, at home for the post season. 3) It's a Tuesday night game. What else are you gonna do?

Who do I think will win?: Probably FAU. They return 10 starters to an already impressive offense (they finished 16th nationally passing, and QB Rusty Smith, both starting WRs, and his starting TE, who finished second on the team in catches and yards, all return) and should be improved on defense with 8 starters back there, while Troy will be breaking in a new QB and OC.

Who do I hope will win?: Beefcake comes early this week, ladies, as dapper doesn't even begin to describe the well coifed yet still masculine glory that is Howard Schnellenberger.

You're welcome.