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It's Official: Zeke Knight Transferring

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According to published reports in the Birmingham News, Zeke Knight has officially filed his request for a transfer. Knight will stay at Alabama and graduate in the next few weeks, and then transfer to a smaller school to play out the remainder of his eligibility.

His former high school football coach, Randy Boyd, had this to say:

"He asked to be released at Alabama and he's going to try to go to a smaller school. They didn't clear him to play at Alabama for some reason. He thinks he can play, and being young and ambitious, he's going to try and get cleared at a smaller school."

I just hope that Zeke will be okay. It's a scary situation, no doubt about it, and honestly it's hard to believe that someone won't take a chance on this young man given how extremely talented he is (even though it may be putting his life at risk). As I said yesterday, I wish he'd just call it a career, but he seems to think he's okay. Being brutally honest, it sounds like your typical young man who thinks he is invincible, but let's just hope nothing bad comes out of and that he can stay healthy.