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2009 Season Opener: Virginia Tech In Georgia Dome?

The rumors are apparently true... click here for the story from the official Virginia Tech website. We are apparently in very serious talks, and it sounds like it things should be worked out to open with the Hokies in 2009 in the Georgia Dome.

I would imagine this would all wrap up pretty fast like our discussions a few months back with Clemson. With Tech already officially pushing back their previously planned 2009 opener against Cincinnati, you have to think that this deal is all but done as we speak.

You have to give Saban credit for putting together quality schedules. And personally I love the Georgia Dome bit. Saban has long since wanted to tap into the Atlanta area talent pool, and this is a great way of doing it. It's already giving us benefits in the 2009 recruiting class, and it looks like a pipeline that will only be further established in the coming years.

UPDATE by Todd

Hold it folks, it's not as done of a deal as initially thought:

Though preliminary negotiations are under way between Alabama and the Atlanta Sports Council for the Crimson Tide to open the 2009 football season at the Georgia Dome, a UA source this afternoon described the possibility as unlikely.

Virginia Tech reached a deal today to be one team in the made-for-TV Chick-Fil-A College Football Kickoff game in Atlanta. The hope of Atlanta Sports Council President Gary Stokan was for the Crimson Tide to be the other.

He acknowledges UA and his organization are not "anywhere close" to an agreement. The Alabama source indicated as much, citing the fact that coach Nick Saban's team is already under contract to open with Florida International, then play Tulane in Week 2 of 2009.

Wouldn't want to let those plucky Golden Panthers down, now would we?