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Finally got a chance to read this morning's paper...

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...and what do I find on the front page of the sports section?

Stories about UAB being picked last in C-USA and Alabama in talks to open next season with Va. Tech. Flipping on through to the rest of the Va. Tech story, what do I find just below it on page three?

Auburn is beefing up their OOC slate by adding Furman to their '09 schedule (because that should help with recruiting [/snicker]).

Ed. - Perhaps I should elaborate on my "snicker" and "recruiting" comments. I am well aware that the boogs have a strong OOC opponent in WVU next season, but the humor I found while reading the sports section (and thus felt obliged to share with you all) is in the perception that today's paper gives off, i.e. "come play for Alabama, young recruit, and you'll have plenty of chances to play against top tier opponents in front of a national audience, or go play for Auburn where you can take on the mighty Paladins of Furman and pray it gets on pay-per-view."