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#42 - Georgia vs Central Michigan

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programming note: Despite including the Alabama vs Western Kentucky game as #50 in the count, I've decided to make the rest of the countdown non-Alabama games since I'm looking forward to our games more than any others no matter who we play.

Georgia vs Central Michigan
September 6, 2008
Sanford Stadium
Athens, GA

Why?: Morbid curiosity? The Chippewas were a pretty solid (at least offensively) football team last season, finishing 8-6 while winning the MAC and introducing us all to the poor man's Tim Tebow, Dan LeFevour, who passed for 3,652 yards and rushed for 1,122 (with 27 passing TDs and 19 rushing, just one shy of the 20/20 mark that Tebow and Tebow alone has surpassed), so it should be interesting to see how much "upset watch" and "introducing the SEC to offense!" chatter stirs up (despite the fact that the SEC is now running more wide open on offense than it ever has).

Who do I think will win?: Georgia. In their three games against legitimately stout competition, the Chippewas were roundly thrashed (7-52 against Kansas, 22-45 against Purdue during the regular season, and 14-70 against Clemson) and still couldn't muster a win against the Boilermakers despite a rematch in the Motor City Bowl (which was actually one of the more exciting bowls I watched last season). Besides, the Dawgs are no strangers to mid-major offensive powers, outshooting a tenacious Troy team 44-34 last season and whipping Boise State a few years ago to the tune of 48-13. Unless the Dawgs get caught looking ahead to a two week road swing at SC and Arizona State, they should handle them with ease.

Who do I hope will win?: Weirdly, I hold a grudge against CMU for a disastrous NCAA 07 dynasty. I've lost to the computer only twice in my illustrious career (again, weirdly, both times to UGA during one of my UAB dynasties), except when helming the Chippewas, who sucked mightily in '07 and didn't even make a bowl. Go Dawgs.