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#41 - Army vs Navy

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Army vs Navy
December 6, 2008
Lincoln Financial Field
Philadelphia, PA

Why?: It's the purest rivalry in college sports and I always just feel like I have to watch, as if I don't then I'm not only a bad American but, worse, a bad college football fan. But from a purely football standpoint, Navy will likely still be running the triple option that Johnson installed and had so much success with, and that stuff is always fun to watch. Also, just a quick aside, when I was a kid and found out that Army had a football team, I wondered how they ever lost since they had guns and no one else (besides Miami. Zing!) did. I was so cute.

Who do I think will win?: Navy. They've owned Army for the last six years, and it doesn't look that streak is ending this year. Navy will likely make it's sixth straight bowl while Army, coming off of 3-9 year, will be lucky to equal that win total.

Who do I hope will win?: There's no picking sides in this one unless you actually served in either branch of the armed forces, and since I didn't, this is the only game I watch every year with no clearly defined rooting interest.