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#40 - Boston College vs Georgia Tech

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Boston College vs Georgia Tech
September 6, 2008
Alumni Stadium
Chestnut Hill, MA

Why?: Another morbid curiosity game. How will Johnson's triple option work with BCS talent? I don't know, but considering their first game is against D-1AA Jacksonville State (and Ryan Perriloux!), this will be the first chance anyone has to see it run against a BCS team.

Who do I think will win?: Boston College. There's no way that Tech, which returns only 9 starters total and will have to adapt to a completely new offense, will have things clicking well enough in week two to get it done. In fact, if they make it to a bowl, I'll be shocked.

Who do I hope will win?: I'll be rooting for the Yellow Jackets in this one, if only because they are a southern (and at least former SEC) team.