Les Miles is an idiot, and in other obvious news...

I am not sure if everyone has seen this quote from the LSU head coach.

There was no question the attendees still bask in last November's victory over former LSU head coach and Tide boss Nick Saban, and Miles brought down the house when he urged the faithful "not to make too much of that game as it seems like a lot of teams in Louisiana beat that team," referencing Alabama's shocking subsequent loss to Louisiana-Monroe.

I have two points that really irritate me about this sort of comment.  One, it is designed to appease the lowest common denominator of fan base.  I think it is classless, but then again I guess you would have to have class to lose it in the first place.  Also, this comes his f-ck bama comment from last year, and his weird inability to refer to Alabama by an anything else than a distant third person reference (that team). 

You would just think that someone who had just won a MNC and an SEC title would be able to let that speak for him.  I just personally believe he is an idiot, and I look forward to watching him lose.  HAVE A GREAT DAY!

As an aside, I know we all probably like Auburn losing more, but who would you rather see the agony of losing on their face; Tubberville, Miles, or Fulmer?

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