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The RBR Weekly Poll: Week Eight

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Last week, I sought y'all advice on how best to fill out my blogpoll ballots once the season starts, and a good majority of you agreed that the damage of an embarassing loss should weigh heavier on a team's resume than a quality win.

This week I need y'all's help again. Last season, the Bocephus Album Cover Worry Index was (at least anecdotally) a hit, and I have every intention of doing it, or at least something like it again. While I want to keep it fresh with new album covers abd artists, Bocephus has become such an indelible part of the RBR mythology that it seems wrong not to continue on with it just the way it is. So the poll this week wants to know if I should stick with the Bocephus album covers, or if I should choose a different artist to feature.