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#38 - Virginia vs USC

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Virginia vs Southern Cal
August 30, 2008
Scott Stadium
Charlottesville, VA

Why?: Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm not really sure why. This is one of those games that's been circled by pundits as a "OMG TOP OOC GAME OF '08!1", probably because it's Southern Cal and they are opening on the road against another BCS team. I guess they suckered me in since the only reason I'll be watching is because the only other games on will likely be Utah at Michigan (which I am actually excited about) and Oklahoma State at Washington State (which I am not).

Who do I think will win?: USC in a landslide. Virginia pulled a Mississippi State last season, overachieving with defense while winning six of their nine by a TD or less (and five of those by a FG or less). They return only 5 starters from that D, and have to replace their QB, center, and both guards on offense. That team got ridiculous lucky last year, and they'll be back down to Earth very quickly come August.

Who do I hope will win?: We may joke and call them the "Evil Empire," but hat tip to the Trojans for being a historical power that suffered through some lean times to become a powerhouse dynasty in this age of parity. Being a fan of a historical power that's going through some lean times, it's comforting to see that a return to prominence is possible, so go Trojans.