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Chapman Granted Medical Hardship; True Freshmen Jersey Numbers Released

It seems like the guys at 'BamaOnline have gotten their hands on the 2008 media guide, which I'm sure is being widely circulated at Hoover for the SEC Media Days, Alabama nose guard Josh Chapman, along with QB Nick Fanuzzi and OL William Vlachos, has been granted a medical hardship waiver, and therefore will still be freshmen in 2008. All three of those guys played in the Western Carolina a year ago -- and Chapman played against Vanderbilt and Arkansas as well -- but they will go into the 2008 season remaining as freshmen thanks to their medical hardship waiver applications being successfully granted. Defensive end Nick Gentry, who suffered last season after needing surgery to correct an old should injury, was also granted a medical hardship waiver, and will remain a freshman.

Wide receiver Darius Hanks and defensive end Alfred McCullough weren't so lucky, however. Their applications were apparently not granted, and as a result they will go into the 2008 season as sophomores.

Also, the jersey numbers for the true freshmen have been released as well. The following is how it shakes out:

1: Burton Scott

2: Star Jackson

4: Mark Barron

5: Jerrell Harris

8: Julio Jones

15: Alonzo Lawrence

22: Mark Ingram

23: Robby Green

31: Ivan Matchett

36: Chris Jordan

37: Robert Lester

41: Courtney Upshaw

44: Jermaine Preyear

46: Wesley Neighbors

54: Glenn Harbin

56: Don'ta Hightwower

57: Marcel Dareus

62: Terrance Cody

65: Damian Square

72: Tyler Love

75: Barrett Jones

89: Michael Williams

94: Undra Billingsley

97: John Michael Boswell

Oddly enough, there have been no reports yet on the number for Brad Smelley. He wore #9 in high school, but that number will not be available considering Nikita Stover will play on offense as well, and he too is sporting the number.

A couple of more notes:

  • If you will notice, there are several duplicate numbers on the roster. That is not necessarily a problem, mind you. There is no rule against two different players having the same number, so long as they are not on the field at the same time. As a result, for example, both Roy Upchurch and Jerrell Harris will be able to wear the number five because they play on opposite sides of the ball, and thus won't be on the field at the same time.
  • Perhaps I am just a rube who is reading too much into things, but with that in mind... I find it interesting that Alonzo Lawrence was given 15. Earlier in the summer, Lawrence said that he was going to wear #21 at Alabama, which was his high school number for some time. Of course, if Prince Hall were to return, he could not take Hall's #21 because they would be on the field at the same time. Again, perhaps I am just a rube reading too much into things, but it's possible that Lawrence's new number could be an indication that Prince Hall is going to return. Either way, with practice starting in one week, we'll find out soon enough.