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#36 - UCF vs USF

September 6, 2008
Bright House Networks Stadium
Orlando, FL

Why?: Because I just can't get enough of the constant commentator drool that covers Matt Grothe, despite his having just thrown his third pick of the game.

Who do I think will win?: Even though I hate Grothe, and by extension his whole team, I will begrudingly admit that the Bulls are a pretty solid program that should at least equal their 9-4 mark from last year, while UCF loses it's QB and uber-back Kevin Smith. The Knights have what passes for a stout defense in CUSA coming back, but considering the Bulls dropped 64 on them last year, I don't think they are trembling in their boots over it.

Who do I hope will win?: Considering the way the UCF staff and administration is handling the fallout from Ereck Plancher's death, there is no way I will ever root for the Knights again, no matter who they are playing.