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Crimson and White Roundtable: Tailgate Edition

Late to the party as usual, but here goes. Picture Me Rollin' hosted this week:

1. Given your preference, do you choose the watch the game on television or in-person and why?

On TV, for two reasons.

1) I made a deal with God that I would never ever go to another Alabama game if he would let us beat Vandy during the '97 season. Sounds stupid, I know (probably should have saved that one for, well, just about any other game that year), but my reasoning was as follows:

* To the best of my knowledge, I had never seen Alabama lose in person (I had been to a lot of Legion Field games as a small child, so I know I must have seen us lose at some point but just wasn't old enough to know about it), and this was Vandy for Pete's sake.

* It was on my birthday, and my dad had gotten a Vandy alum friend of his to get us good seats so we could come up for it.

So I was desperate not to have my birthday ruined by a loss to the Commies and so, late in the third when it really looked like they were going to score and get things uncomfortably close (I believe we only led 10-0 at that point and had played like crap the whole game), I promised the good Lord that if he would let us pull that game out I would never attend an Alabama game again. He did, so I haven't.

2) I'm exceptionally crotchety in my old age, and crowds get on my nerves. This is the bigger reason.

2. As far as going to the game, do you prefer very comfortable or really sharp, in your attire?

Since the only games I go to anymore are UAB games at Legion Field (no crowds there!), very comfortable it is. Amusing anecdote, I was going to Oxford last year for some engagement party for one of the Girl's sorority sisters, and she was asking her roommate what I should wear and she responded "nothing too fancy, just regular game day" and the Girl laughed for a very long time because game day for me (t-shirt and jeans) is a lot different than game day for them.

3. What's your favorite gameday recipe or alternately, it’s just not tailgating without…

I typically cook something while I'm watching at home, usually chili or some sort of faux crockpot barbecue, but I don't know if I have a favorite recipe. Saturdays are not complete around here, though, without two things. The first is Miller High Life, which I love for entirely non-ironic reasons (keep your PBR, hipsters, the High Life is mine!), and the second is sweet tea, though it might kinda sorta fall to the wayside this year. I've grown very fond of a concoction Friend o' RBR Van introduced me to, the Arnold Palmer, so I'm sure that will become the new staple this season as opposed to just sweet tea.p>

1/2 Sweet Tea + 1/2 Lemonade=Yummy in my Tummy
4. What is your drop-dead have to be in your seat time?

I'm going to abstain on this one since I don't actually attend the games, but I will say that if I miss a kick off at home there will be hell to pay for whoever is the reason (unless it's because some other stupid game ran long, in which case I'm kind of powerless, unless my mental hate daggers really are felt by those they are aimed at through the television).

5. Is there any paraphernalia you have to take in the game with you?

Again, not an attender, and I've already shown y'all my game day shirt, so other than that no, not really.