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#35 - Texas vs Arkansas

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Texas vs Arkansas
September 13, 2008
Texas Memorial Stadium
Austin, TX

Why?: It's a great BCS OOC matchup, and it's an old school rivalry that we don't get to see that much anymore now that Arkansas is in the SEC (the two teams have only played three times since Arkansas joined, once in the postseason).

Who do I think will win?: Texas in a landslide. The Hogs have won three of the last four, and the only loss was a close 20-22 loss in Fayetteville in '04 (that Arkansas team went only 5-6 that year while Texas went 11-1). With Petrino on the sidelines instead of Nutt, who is from Arkansas and played QB there, you have to wonder if this game really means as much for the team this year and if they'll be able to get up for it without someone to remind them of what the Texas game means. Since Arkansas lost too much talent (and is breaking in a completely new system) to really be competitive in Petrino's first year against the top tier teams, pure passion alone would have to go a long way for them to win and I don't see that happening either.

Who do I hope will win?: Toss up. On the one hand, S-E-C! S-E-C!, but on the other, Arkansas still seems like an outsider to me (you think I'd get over it, but they just don't feel right). I'll go with the Hogs though, since an upset win over Texas would make our beating them the next week (which, we better, or this season will suck) look even better.