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So y'all know what I'm talking about...

New, 21 comments are Caldwell (whom I finally buckled and subbed at center, and only gets blown up 50% of the time instead of Cardwell's 99%), Marlon Davis, and Drew Davis all getting taken to the ground as the ball is snapped against Tennessee:

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To make matters worse, the Vols were using a three man front (they were in a nickel/3-3-5 set), and the NT took out Caldwell the instant the ball was snapped before also blowing up Marlon Davis (LG), while a linebacker took out Drew Davis at RT. Thankfully I subbed Huber in instead of Coffee or Grant (I was in a shotgun formation, four wide spread I believe) since he's the only player that can actually block on our entire offense, and he picked up the LB while Smith held his block at LT (not in the frame) to give me enough time to get the pass off, which a wide open Nikita Stover then dropped, bringing up 4th down. Thankfully the defense is as stout as ever, holding them to 70 something yards and 3 points total (I wound up winning 20-3). This is why my Playstation will either be thrown from a window very shortly, or the Girl will discover me dead from a stress induced heart attack.