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#34 - Ole Miss vs Mississippi State

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Ole Miss vs Mississippi State
"The Egg Bowl"
November 28, 2008
Vaught-Hemingway Stadium
Oxford, MS

Why?: It's an SEC rivalry game that hasn't really meant much for anyone outside the state of Mississippi for a pretty good while, but with what should be a resurgent Ole Miss hosting a State team that won with a thrilling come from behind rally in the 4th last year, it should be a pretty good game just from a passion standpoint.

Who do I think will win?: Ole Miss has been one of the most frustatingly talented yet completely underachieving teams in the league the last few years. They've given fits to just about everyone in the league but haven't been able to put games away, and most of that was due to the in way over his head Ed Orgeron. He was as hell of a recruiter, though, and he stocked the cupboards for Nutt before being fired, so improved decision making alone should guarantee them at least a couple of extra wins and maybe an upset or two this season. State, on the other hand, lucked into their 8-5 season with strong defensive and special teams play, but counting on defensive scores is like counting on lightning strikes. DC Ellis Johnson, who turned the Bulldogs into such a strong defensive team last year, is now at South Carolina. The last two games have been pretty tight, but I think this year the Rebels should handle State with ease.

Who do I hope will win?: I like Sly Croom a lot, and respect what he's done in Starkville, but as I've said before, I pretty much became a default Ole Miss fan when I started dating the Girl, so for 11 weeks of the season, go Rebs.